NorCal Gluten-Free Alliance is an informal networking group for leaders in the gluten-free community in Northern California.

Members include:

1. Nonprofit support group leaders (independent support groups and those affiliated with one of the four national celiac disease and gluten sensitivity nonprofit foundations) and partners at other nonprofits

2. Owners and managers of businesses serving the gluten-free community (restaurants and food manufacturing)

3. Bloggers and authors writing primarily about gluten-free topics

4. Members of the media with an interest in celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity

5. Medical professionals (MDs and RDs) with an interest in celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity

NorCal Gluten-Free Alliance meets occasionally for a two-hour informal gathering (usually in the spring or summer in a Bay Area location). Members also stay in touch throughout the year through an email list and a closed Facebook group.

If you fall into one of the membership categories and would like to join, please send a note about yourself and your support group, business, journalism, writing or medical practice to Jennifer Iscol at Membership is free.

[Pictured: NorCal Gluten-Free Alliance event at Nima, San Francisco, May 2017]