By Jennifer Iscol
December 2012

[Update 2015: The owners closed the restaurant and opened a gourmet food truck]

7Sisters Italiano8493 Auburn Blvd, Citrus Heights , CA  95621

7Sisters Italiano restaurant offers both gluten-free and mainstream Italian cuisine in Citrus Heights, CA, in the Sacramento area. An online shop for their extensive gluten-free product line is a significant aspect of the business. Owners Jeanine Morgan and her husband Todd are unusually dedicated to providing safe options for people with celiac disease and gluten intolerance — and for good reason.

Jeanine and ten of her eleven siblings have celiac disease, including her six sisters, which inspired the restaurant’s name.

Among the many precautions the Morgans take to prevent cross-contact is preparing their gluten-free products in a separate area of the restaurant on dedicated equipment. They close the restaurant on Mondays and Tuesdays, when they make all the products for their gluten-free manufacturing business. 7Sisters Gluten Free offers bread, lasagna, pasta (including ravioli!), flour blends, pizza and their ever-popular Gourmet Thin Mint cookies. The products can be ordered online or by calling the restaurant for shipment to your home.

They carefully source the ingredients and participate in the Celiac Sprue Association certification program, which requires Elisa testing with a lower limit of quantification of 5 parts per million.

In addition to serving the local gluten-free community, Jeanine will be volunteering her time for the national community. Starting in January, she will serve as recording secretary for the Executive Committee of the Celiac Sprue Association. Jeanine is passionate about encouraging people to join local and national nonprofit celiac support organizations.

If you don’t live in the Sacramento region, you may wish to order the products online or make a note of the restaurant for your next trip to the area. With four stars on Yelp, they seem to be a popular stop with the gluten-eating crowd as well!