Three-Part Series

What did you eat on your gluten-free diet today? A bagel, pancakes or toast for breakfast, a sandwich or pizza for lunch, stir-fry or pasta for dinner? Maybe a few crackers or cookies for a snack? These foods are all likely to contain rice (in ingredients like rice flour and brown rice syrup) and may contain harmful levels of arsenic, a known carcinogen. Children are even more vulnerable due to their size. Consumer Reports has warned the general population about arsenic in rice and called on the FDA to set limits. Those of us on a gluten-free diet are at higher risk. Our special report gets you up to speed with facts, a brand survey and useful tips that you can use today.

Media conference


Arsenic in Rice: Consumer Advocates Call for Regulation
By Jennifer Iscol and Vic Dolcourt




Boy eating rice


Arsenic in the Gluten-Free Diet: Facts and Tips
By Amy Burkhart, MD, RD




People working on survey


Arsenic in Rice: Survey of Gluten-Free Manufacturers
By Jennifer Iscol and Vic Dolcourt