The FDA is asking for public comments on modernizing its product recall process. This is an excellent opportunity to let the FDA know that the agency is dangerously slow to enforce the gluten-free labeling rule after “misbranded” products are reported (foods labeled in a false or misleading way). It is also failing to communicate its enforcement actions to the public in a transparent and timely manner.

Gluten Free Watchdog is a leading advocate on labeling issues and submitted a comment to the FDA. Read it here:

Please take a moment to add your voice! We encourage individuals to submit a comment to the FDA by the October 27 deadline. Write your own or state your support for Gluten Free Watchdog’s comment, as our foundation did. FDA staff members read and consider every comment.

HOW TO COMMENT: Go to and click on “Comment.”

This is the comment our foundation submitted:

“The Celiac Community Foundation of Northern California appreciates the FDA’s recent public meeting “Modernizing Recalls of FDA-Regulated Commodities” and its invitation to submit comments (Docket FDA-2023-N-2393). Thank you for addressing an important topic that impacts the safety of individuals with celiac disease and other gluten-related disorders. Our foundation supports the comment submitted by Gluten Free Watchdog (Comment ID FDA-2023-N-2393-0132), and we encourage the FDA to fully consider the thoughtful and concise recommendations crafted by this trusted and experienced organization.”