Gluten in Medication: Pressing the FDA to Act Now
January 2016 – When our camp doctors at Camp Celiac in Livermore, CA, try to determine whether a medication a child needs is gluten-free, they are stymied by a lack of information. Federal regulation is insufficient. Examining labels and package inserts, searching the Internet and calling drug manufacturers may or may not produce an answer. Doctors, pharmacists and patients across the country experience the same challenges. Public frustration with the FDA’s inaction on this issue is rising.  Read more

FDA Gluten-Free Labeling Rule – Resources and Links
August 2, 2013 – It’s official!  On August 2nd, the Food and Drug Administration announced a federal gluten-free labeling standard. Products labeled ‘gluten-free’ must contain less than 20 ppm (parts per million) gluten.  Food manufacturers are encouraged to adopt the new standard immediately, although they have until August 5th, 2014, to comply.  Read more

U.S. Department of Justice Takes a Stand for Celiac Disease 
January 2013 – In a significant development for the celiac disease and food allergen communities, the United States Department of Justice signaled that both conditions may constitute disabilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  Read more

Gluten-Free Labeling Update – Success on White House petition!
November 2012 – Success! It was a nail-biter to the very last minute, but we obtained 25,000 signatures on the White House gluten-free labeling petition by the deadline of October 31st, 2012.  Read more

White House Petition on Gluten-Free Labeling
October 2012 – Last year, Food and Drug Administration officials made a commitment to the celiac community that the gluten-free labeling rule would be completed by the end of the third quarter of 2012 (September 30). That date has come and gone. The FDA has already heard from us. It’s time for higher officials to know the celiac community needs gluten-free labeling standards.  Read more