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Bite of the Month: Laiki Crackers

Our Bite of the Month series highlights Northern California businesses. The posts reflect our appreciation for locally-made gluten-free products and are not sponsored. By Carolyn Neff  The global pandemic is challenging us to find new ways to connect, from virtual coffee breaks from our (home) offices and phone food nights with friends, to conversations and celebrations between masks and screens. I recently discovered Laiki rice crackers and feel an affinity for the company’s connection story. First, the crackers. I got a few bags of black and red rice Laiki crackers for my birthday and haven’t stopped munching. Light and...

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Bite of the Month: Flour Craft Bakery

By Carolyn Neff How does a healthy and mouth-watering meal under the redwoods in Marin County sound right about now? If you can’t visit Flour Craft Bakery & Cafe in person, you can still order treats online or make your own standout dishes from a striking selection of beautifully photographed gluten-free recipes and videos. This popular Marin County gem has something for everyone, near or far – there’s even a cookbook on the way! How many different gluten-free flours can you name? At Flour Craft, alternative flours are abundant, with baskets of brown and white rice, sorghum, millet, tapioca and ground...

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Bite of the Month: Young Kobras

A gluten-free sourdough bread company pivots in the pandemic and adds a home baking mix By Carolyn Neff “While nothing has been going as planned, our business is thriving!” says Juliana Lopker, who, along with Geoff Kober, are the entrepreneurs behind Young Kobras, an all gluten-free artisanal sourdough bread company in San Francisco. Loaded with real ingredients, unique health benefits and a chewy, tangy flavor, Young Kobras prides itself on making gluten-free and vegan sourdough bread with whole grains and 100% organic ingredients. They are rich in fiber, gum-free and made with just six simple whole grain ingredients: organic...

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The Sound of Hope: A Teen’s Celiac Diagnosis

A Memoir Essay by Caroline Pecore A new mother sits in a hospital bed cradling her wailing newborn. A man driving a red Toyota slams his fist on the horn for no apparent reason. Swirling wind scatters the melodic song of a tiny bluebird perched on a branch. As humans, we are surrounded by noise, every moment of every day. People laugh and people cry and people scream and people whisper and most of it goes unnoticed. But if you listen—really listen—you’ll hear a faint enigmatic glimmer of truth. And if you listen even deeper, if you strain your...

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Call to Action: Comment on the FDA’s Rollback of Food Labeling During the Pandemic

By Jennifer Iscol On May 22, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced new guidance adding temporary flexibility to food labeling requirements to help minimize the impact of COVID-19 disruptions to the supply chain. We understand the necessity for the guidance and support it, but we are concerned that the guidance, as it is written, could confuse manufacturers and pose risks to consumers who are on a medically-prescribed gluten-free diet. The guidance temporarily allows manufacturers to make certain minor ingredient substitutions without relabeling their products. While it contains some safeguards to prevent gluten and common allergens from being used...

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