Current treatment for celiac disease

The only known treatment for celiac disease at this time is a strict gluten-free diet for life. There are no drugs or over-the-counter remedies on the market to prevent or treat celiac disease, or to prevent symptoms or longterm health consequences of gluten exposure.

Future treatment:

Research is under way by the following companies and institutions to find pharmaceutical or alternative treatments. Some of them are in clinical trial, ranging from early to late stage development.

Amyra Biotech, Switzerland

Avaxia Biologics, Massachusetts

BioLineRX, Israel

Calypso Biotech, Switzerland

Celimmune, New Jersey / Amgen, California

Cour Pharma/ Takeda, Japan

Dr. Falk, Germany / Zedira, Germany

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd., India

ImmunogenX, California/ Alvine Pharmaceuticals, California

ImmusanT, Massachusetts

Innovate Biopharmaceuticals, North Carolina/  Alba Therapeutics, Maryland

Intrexon Corporation, Maryland

James Cook University, Australia

Provid Pharmaceuticals, New Jersey

Selecta Biosciences,Massachusetts/  Sanofi, France

Sitari, California

University of Alberta/ TEC Edmonton/ IGY Life Sciences/ Vetanda Group, Canada and UK

University of Washington Institute for Protein Design, Washington

VU University Medical Centre, Netherlands

The National Institutes of Health has a complete listing of current and completed studies on celiac disease treatments.