We offer our deep appreciation to the generous individuals and families listed below who donated to the Celiac Community Foundation of Northern California and Camp Celiac recently, and to all past donors. Donations may also be made anonymously.

Donate here  Donations can be made online with PayPal or a credit card, by check or with appreciated stock.

Partner – $5,000 and up

Benefactor – $1,000-$4,999
The Sam and Alex Family Fund

Friend – $500-$999
Keri Dahlstrom
Janel Sloan

Associate – $200-$499
Anonymous (four)
Janine Buellesbach
Kimberly Casey
Colleen Cook
Jacqueline Corley
Diana Darcy
Alexis Davis
Valerie Dubois
Maxim Fonarev
Kim Hartman
Laura Horvath
Cheryl Irwin
Sarah Laurie
Monica Marmie
Amy Montgomery
Glenn Smith
Anastasia Uhland

Patron – $100-$199
Anonymous (two)
Risa Anav
Deborah Balfanz
Maureen Barry
Wells Blaxter
Kara Brahana
Kathryn Brault
Craig Cotton
Michelle Craig
Ilynne DeFreitas
Tiffany Ehrmantraut
Jose Fernandez
Katherine Fries
Michelle Griffin
Kelly Guertin
Jeanice Hays
Peter Holtrichter
Veronica Jessup
Katie Kroutil
Kirsten Lennen
Wendy Little
Kelly Maki
Heather Masty
Susan O’Driscoll
Chelsea Oltendorf
Lisa Palmer
Allison Parker
Eran Saunder
Angela Schroeter
Elizabeth Spaulding
Robert Wachter
Christy Webster

Supporter – Up to $99
Leah Alire
Jessica Baker-Ballantyne
Luis Barthel Rosa
Amy Burkhart
Valerie Carter
Jacob Faircloth
Kathleen Finney
Janna Fond
Karen Friis
Amy Fothergill
Candice Griswold
Janelle Graves
Matthew Holstein
Juliane Hsu
Sherri Johnson
Anya Kayne
Joshua Litz
Tracey Lovegren
Nicole Matthew
Richard McKay
Miranda Middleton
Janice Mortensen
Jill Ohline
Carolyn Parodi
JamieLynne Ramirez
Joyce Rehkugler
Julia Reoutt
Breanne Rice
Teresa Rogers
Sarah Schroeder
Scott Selna
Amanda Shaffer
Lauren Smith
Lisa Spagnole-Katz
Charis Takaro
Erika Wah
Lindsey Weintraub
Kathyln Winsor
Maureen Zumbiel