Erin Scott is the author and photographer behind the successful gluten-free food blog, Yummy Supper. As a celiac, and mother to two gluten-intolerant kids, Erin focuses on cooking delectable and healthful food for her family and friends. She sees the world as crowded with a vast array of delicious ingredients that happen to be naturally gluten free. Erin’s food is delicious enough to please the most committed omnivore, gluten-free or not.




August 2013 – For over 20 years, I’ve lived in Berkeley where summer can feel more like winter thanks to fog and a chilly marine layer. Even still, I crave sun and heat come summertime and the abundance of stone fruit, sweet melons, and juicy berries reminds me that it’s hot somewhere.

To me there’s nothing better than biting into a ripe peach and letting the juices drip down my chin, or nibbling on watermelon while spitting seeds from the back stoop. While most summer fruit is so good it doesn’t really need a recipe, I thought it would be fun to share a few ways to play summer’s delights in your kitchens.

erinscott_yummysupper_strawberrylemonadepopsiclesStrawberry Lemonade Popsicles – Who doesn’t love popsicles? This is one of my favorite recipes to make when the kids are out of school. I love any excuse to get Otis and Lilah involved in the kitchen and I find that whenever I suggest popsicles, eager hands are ready to help. Making your own frozen treats is so easy, healthful, and delicious, it’s hard to imagine why we ever buy popsicles at the store. (Click here for full recipe…)




erinscott_yummysupper_nectarinesherbetNectarine Sherbet couldn’t be easier – there are only 3 ingredients ( 4 if you include water!) Plus, you don’t even need an ice cream maker to make this delicious dessert. If you prefer peaches, go ahead and use them here. (Click for full recipe here…)





Bolinas Blackberry Jam – Every year my kids look forward to picking blackberries near grandma’s house. And luckily my husband Paul is always game to jam up whatever berries don’t get gobbled immediately. This is an easy way to preserve a little of summer’s bounty. (Click here for full recipe.)




Watermelon Punch – I love to serve this punch at summer picnics and barbecues. Watermelon blended with mint and lime juice couldn’t be more refreshing and it’s always a crowd-pleaser.( Click here for full recipe.)



erinscott_yummysupper_nectarinegaletteNectarine Galette
– We love to make galettes year-round. Once you feel comfortable making a buttery crust – gluten free ,of course – you can top your galettes with all sorts of fruit… from plums to berries to figs. And the rustic beauty of a galette makes it a good recipe even for beginning bakers. (Click here for full recipe)


Happy summer everyone!

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