By Jennifer Iscol

jillian taffeThe challenge of serving delicious, nutritious gluten-free food to her busy family led Jillian Taffe to draw on her business background to develop a line of high-quality frozen entrees that are also free of soy, dairy and nuts. After Jillian and her oldest child were diagnosed with celiac disease, she discovered her youngest also had celiac, and her husband and middle child were both gluten intolerant.

While Jillian is putting her M.B.A. and marketing background to good use, she is also supporting the community through her dedication and generous donations to Camp Celiac, where her three children attend. What could be more fun than eating your mom’s excellent corn dogs and meatballs with a hundred other kids at summer camp?

Jillian enjoys the flexibility owning her own company allows for family life. She also finds that her demanding work obligations in running an expanding company help her kids become more responsible and independent.

Second Helping products are made in a dedicated gluten-free and nut-free facility the company built in Pleasanton, California, last year. The products are certified gluten-free by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization, batch-tested, and free of soy, nuts and dairy as well.

Jillian’s team now includes Roseabelle Malmgren, director of business development, who was most recently production chef and business manager at Miglet’s Gluten-Free Cupcake Shop. The executive chef is Amy Fothergill, whose name you may recognize as “The Family Chef”; Amy also teaches cooking classes, blogs at, does home consultations and performs demos.

Second Helping all-natural Italian-style Mama’s Meatballs and plump and juicy Corn Puppies can be found in the frozen entrée section at many locations throughout the Bay Area.

Second Helping’s distribution recently expanded to thirteen East Coast states. Jillian and her team plan to introduce a third product later this year. Given Second Helping’s high quality and careful product development, we are looking forward to it!

Second Helping
Pleasanton, CA

[2015 Update: Second Helping has closed]