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These guides include restaurants that serve gluten-free menu options for a variety of customer needs, from lifestyle preference to celiac disease. We recommend that diners excluding gluten from their diet for medical reasons call ahead to verify and discuss the restaurant’s commitment to serving safe gluten-free meals and the staff’s level of training in preventing cross-contact.

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Gluten-Free Vacation in West Sonoma County

Aqus CafeMay 2015 – By Vic Dolcourt  Northern California has a range of vacation offerings, from big city bustle to the secluded north coast Pacific beaches. Happily, there is a middle ground. We profile Western Sonoma County gluten-free-friendly businesses: Avalon Luxury Inn, Screamin’ Mimi’s, French Garden Restaurant & Bistro, Aqus Cafe and Ike’s Place. Read more


Asian Box: Culinary Surprises Beyond Fast and Fresh – California chain


June 2014 –  By Vic Dolcourt  My ideal restaurant is one that serves food that I don’t have at home. Asian Box, an intriguing California restaurant chain with an attitude – actually, a very nice attitude – fits that bill for me. Not only is it 100% gluten-free, it but also seeks to surprise guests on a number of fronts: varied menu, interesting choice of more unusual libations, dedication to responsible environmental action, community-based philanthropy, and, very importantly, great value for the price and deliciously prepared food.   Read more


Ike’s Place – Regional chain in Bay Area


April 2013 – By Jennifer Iscol  A month after Ike Shehadeh opened his first sandwich shop in San Francisco in 2007, a woman with celiac disease came in and requested a salad. Ike only wants to serve sandwiches, but he is a man with a big heart who wants to be able to serve everyone a sandwich, so he spent months researching gluten-free breads and developed a gluten-free menu. Now Ike has 24 gluten-free sandwiches on his menu.  Read more


Flour Craft Bakery – San Anselmo (Marin County)

FlourCraftMay 2013 – By Jennifer Iscol  Flour Craft Bakery owner Heather Hardcastle was a garden designer with a passion for food when she decided to take a chance on a career change. Heather is gluten intolerant and her goal was to fill the need for fresh, high quality, gluten-free baked goods in Marin County, where she lives. She took time off in 2008 to attend the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone in St. Helena, where she enjoyed the experience and the training.  Read more


Country Gourmet American Bistro – Sunnyvale, CA


June/July 2013 – By Vic Dolcourt  Country Gourmet American Bistro, a Sunnyvale anchor for 28 years, is a model of a restaurant in continuous transformation.  The restaurant’s bright and inviting interior and ever-changing menu reflect an ownership that evolves to meet customer preferences. Here is a peek behind the scenes from the perspectives of proprietor Julia Blom and chef Jimmy Connors, the creative team behind the restaurant’s menu.  Read more


The Counter: Custom Built Burgers  – International chain


August 2013 – By Vic Dolcourt  When I walked into The Counter’s newest location in Mountain View, I felt that the restaurant wanted my business.  There was a logo on the wall saying “Gluten Free – So Can We,” and a similar statement on the chalkboard. But even better was the separately-printed, easily found, gluten-free menu that offers a large number of entrée choices and starters/sides, not just one or two items. Read more


Hot Spud – San Francisco

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November 2012 – By Jennifer Iscol   Visit this sleek oasis of gluten-free deliciousness to escape the deep-fried offerings  of the surrounding Fisherman’s Wharf neighborhood. I interviewed owner Cemil Erzincanli , who explained that almost everything on the menu is gloriously gluten-free, from their loaded baked potatoes to their salads and homemade desserts.  Read more



 7Sisters Italiano – Citrus Heights (Sacramento area) [2016 Update: The owners closed the restaurant and opened a gourmet food truck]

7Sisters ItalianoDecember 2013 –  By Jennifer Iscol  7Sisters Italiano restaurant offers both gluten-free and mainstream Italian cuisine in Citrus Heights, CA, in the Sacramento area. An online shop for their extensive gluten-free product line is a significant aspect of the business. Owners Jeanine Morgan and her husband Todd are unusually dedicated to providing safe options for people with celiac disease and gluten intolerance — and for good reason.  Read more



In-N-Out Burger – Western U.S. fast food chain
In-N-Out Logo

February 2013 – By Jennifer Iscol  “Press the allergy button”: Behind the scenes at In-N-Out Burger.  I make healthy meals at home, some very good ones actually, but sometimes my teenager craves a burger and fries. With few safe restaurant options, off we go to In-N-Out. Did you know their entire menu is gluten-free, with the exception of the hamburger buns?  Read more 


Inn on Randolph – Napa, CA

Inn_on_RandolphMarch 2013 – By Jennifer Iscol  The hottest inn in Napa Valley just happens to be 100% gluten-free. The Inn on Randolph, a boutique bed & breakfast, rocketed to the number one spot on Trip Advisor in less than a year, after owner Karen Lynch bought the property in 2011 and closed it for nine months to gut it from the foundation to the roof. The result is a sophisticated and delightful property on one acre of gorgeous gardens. Read more