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Celiac experts recommend that you consult with a registered dietitian to assess your nutritional health, identify any deficiencies and create a plan for full health. If you’re in Northern California, see our list of local dietitians recommended by community members with celiac disease.




Celiac disease is genetic. Learn why it is important to have family members tested in this article by Amy Burkhart, MD, RD.



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Learn the basics of the gluten-free diet. For details on the FDA’s gluten-free labeling rule, see how to read ingredient labels.





Peruse our list of gluten-free diet educational resources from top celiac centers to help you choose gluten-free foods and recipes, eat out safely and much more.



CampPoolIf you live in Northern California, sign up your child (ages 9-17) to attend our amazing summer sleep-away camp called Camp Celiac (free with a $25 registration fee) or volunteer there to meet hundreds of other individuals and families in the Bay Area. Registration is in early February. Watch campers singDon’t Stop Believing.”


Teen Pizza Party 3-9-13Get connected to your community by checking out our monthly Events Calendar, and get in contact with one or more of our local support groups. Enjoy the wealth of local blogs and websites.



10044348_sStay connected to others around the country through these national resources by joining as a member, signing up for newsletters, joining online forums: nonprofit foundations, celiac centers at university medical centers, the National Institutes of Health, the Celiac ListServ, magazines and Yahoo Groups.




Check out local resources for dining out.





Learn about local companies that sell gluten-free products wholesale and retail and read local company profiles.


JusticeDeptThe Lesley University settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice in 2012 may impact your or your child’s rights to accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act for gluten-free dining at schools and universities. Share this information with your school to advocate for yourself or your family.




Learn about our work in Medical Education, Public Awareness, Events & Disaster Relief, and Advocacy.




Most of all, give yourself plenty of time to get adjusted, learn new shopping and eating habits, educate family and friends and make loads of mistakes. It gets easier – we promise!