erinscottbioErin Scott is the author and photographer behind the successful gluten-free food blog, Yummy Supper. As a celiac, and mother to two gluten-intolerant kids, Erin focuses on cooking delectable and healthful food for her family and friends. She sees the world as crowded with a vast array of delicious ingredients that happen to be naturally gluten free. Erin’s food is delicious enough to please the most committed omnivore, gluten-free or not.


erinscott_yummysupper_-0287I don’t know about you, but I get giddy when sweet ripe strawberries come to market! In the midst of all the wonderful spring veg, strawberries are the lone fruit, the pioneering splash of red, in a sea of greens. One nibble of a juicy strawberry tastes of spring time, and I know that these beauties are only the beginning of all the wonderful summer fruit that’s fast approaching. Once again, looking to delectable raw ingredients makes me hungry and inspired in the kitchen – it’s easy to forget about gluten all together when there is so much deliciousness out there that’s naturally gluten-free.

Here are a few recipes celebrating my hero of the moment – the strawberry!



Strawberry Jam with Lemon Zest and Thyme. Click here for the recipe…





Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble. Click here for the recipe…





Strawberries dipped in Creme Fraiche and Brown Sugar. Click here for the recipe…   (Try making your own creme fraiche – it’s heaven!)