Erin Scott is the author and photographer behind the successful gluten-free food blog, Yummy Supper. As a celiac, and mother to two gluten-intolerant kids, Erin focuses on cooking delectable and healthful food for her family and friends. She sees the world as crowded with a vast array of delicious ingredients that happen to be naturally gluten free. Erin’s food is delicious enough to please the most committed omnivore, gluten-free or not.


May 2013 – When I was invited to contribute a column to this website, I jumped at the opportunity. For nearly four years, I have written and photographed hundreds of {gluten-free} recipes for my own blog, Yummy Supper, and I heartily welcomed the opportunity to connect further with our celiac disease and gluten sensitivity community.

After decades of ill health, I was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2008, and my two young kids were diagnosed with non-celiac gluten sensitivity soon after. At first I was baffled, and quite depressed. What could we eat? How could we have joy and deliciousness in our kitchen without gluten?

After a year of mourning and healing, I started Yummy Supper as a way to rediscover joy in my kitchen. At first, my diagnosis felt like a huge limitation for a serious food-loving omnivore like myself, but before long the limitation turned into a motivator to expand our repertoire of ingredients and recipes. Leaving behind wheat, (non GF) oats, rye, and barley quickly began to feel like a very small sacrifice, once I clearly saw the countless delicious ingredients I could safely eat. Five years later, our kitchen has never felt more bountiful, joyous, and healthful, and there is not a trace of gluten to be found.

Today, I want to talk about spring and one of the most delectable ingredients of the season – asparagus. These tasty stalks are sometimes referred to as the Queen of Vegetables, and I agree. I’m going to share a range of asparagus recipes today and I hope I can inspire all of us to go to our kitchens, get cooking, and enjoy all the deliciousness that awaits.

yssrping vegtart


Spring Vegetable Tart with Buttery {GF} Crust: click here for recipe…





Asparagus with Feta and Chervil: click here for recipe





 Italian Roasted Asparagus with Beets and Garlic Bean Crostini: For recipe click here





Asparagus and Lemon Risotto: for recipe click here… 





Currently on Yummy Supper, I have an irresistible recipe for an asparagus salad with soft boiled eggs, toasty croutons ( thank you Mariposa baguettes) and fresh herbs. This recipe is inspired by Deborah Madison’s new book Vegetable Literacy. Yum!


Wishing you all deliciousness and good health!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions!