By Jennifer Iscol

Please enjoy this curated list of upcoming free virtual events in November offered by our foundation’s trusted friends and partners across the United States and Canada. (For ongoing reference, we maintain a list of Gluten-Free Diet Educational Resources on our website.)

Patients with celiac disease and other gluten-related disorders have unprecedented opportunities to access high-quality information and engage with medical centers and community members far from home.

The medical centers and patient organizations listed below deliver an impressive array of support, fun and evidence-based medical and scientific information, delivered virtually and almost always at no cost. Please support them when you can.

This page has just a snapshot of one month’s events! To learn of future events, join the organizations’ email lists and follow on social media. You’ll also find a wide range of trusted resources to explore on their websites.

Some of these events are coming up this week, including Stanford’s Center on IBD and Celiac Disease live streaming its 2nd Annual Research Symposium on Monday, November 6, featuring a keynote address by Alessio Fasano, MD.


Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Celiac Center

The Celiac Center offers clinical care, conducts research and participates in virtual programs in partnership with the National Celiac Association through the Harvard Medical School Celiac Education & Research Program (see NCA entry below). Sign up for the quarterly newsletter.

Boston Children’s Hospital
Celiac Disease Program

The center’s support group is Celiac Kids Connection, which offers many virtual activities. Families who are not in the Boston area are welcome to join. Membership may be required for some events and costs $35/year, with an option to request a fee waiver for financial need. Subscribe to the free monthly newsletter. See the Calendar of Events for details and registration for the events listed below.

Nov. 8 Family Food Connections Monthly Cooking Class
Nov. 9 Celiac at School Accommodations Information Session (membership required)
Nov. 15 Mrs. Katz and Her Hats!
Nov. 19 GF Faves Club, a meet up for middle and high school students

Celiac Canada
Celiac Canada provides wide-ranging support, education and advocacy across Canada. It offers free virtual events and an array of resources.
Join their list to receive newsletters and event information. See the Events and Activities listing.

Nov. 9 Gluten Free 101: Getting started on the gluten free diet
Nov. 18 Annual Virtual Conference

Celiac Disease Foundation
CDF is dedicated to advocacy, research, raising funds to accelerate treatment and a cure, and more. To learn of new events, follow on social media and join the email list. CDF also offers virtual advocacy training and events.

CDF often partners with medical centers and other organizations to offer virtual community events. See the Events Calendar (Includes events offered by partners).

Nov. 11-12 Turkey Trot virtual family weekend and fundraiser (register by Nov. 10)

Columbia University Medical Center
Celiac Disease Center

Columbia’s Celiac Disease Center is focused on research and clinical care, and sometimes offers virtual events, including international symposiums. Sign up for the email list and access past videos and podcasts on social media or here.

Mass General for Children
Center for Celiac Research and Treatment

The Center for Celiac Research and Treatment participates in virtual programs in partnership with the National Celiac Association through the Harvard Medical School Celiac Education & Research Program (see NCA entry below), and expert providers often speak at virtual events offered by other medical centers and patient organizations.

Find more on the website and follow on social media @CeliacResearch. Subscribe to the newsletter. View event videos on Youtube.

National Celiac Association
NCA is dedicated to community services and offers a wide range of free virtual events, including webinars, a national support group, virtual support and events for kids of all ages, an annual conference, and cooking classes.
Sign up for the monthly newsletter and consider a membership.

NCA offers “All Things Celiac,” a virtual monthly series, in partnership with Harvard Medical School Celiac Education & Research Program. The link includes a library of past events.

See the Events calendar for details and registration (includes events offered by other organizations and centers).
Nov. 8 NCA ROCK Virtual Meet-Up for Elementary Aged Children
Nov. 14 Virtual Support Group: Living Gluten Free
Nov. 15 NCA ROCK Virtual Meet-Up for Middle Schoolers
Nov. 15 WEBINAR: “All Things Celiac” Building a Strong Foundation: Celiac Disease and Bone Health
Nov. 16 WEBINAR: Addressing Anxiety Before Your Holiday Celebration
Nov. 21 NCA ROCK Virtual Meet-Up for High Schoolers

Society for the Study of Celiac Disease
SSCD is the society of medical, scientific and allied health professionals in the field of celiac disease. It offers educational webinars for members and occasionally for the general public. Learn more on the website, and follow on Facebook and Twitter/X.

Stanford Medicine Children’s Health
Center for IBD and Celiac Disease

The Center for IBD and Celiac Disease is new and rapidly evolving. It is dedicated to pediatric care, research and support, and also offers events and resources relevant to the general celiac community. Join the mailing list.
Learn more on the center’s website. On social media, follow the center (@IBD_CeliacKids on Twitter/X) and the celiac program’s medical director, Dr. Hilary Jericho (@hilaryjericho on Twitter/X and @drceliacqueen on Instagram and TikTok).

See the Events listing for details and registration.
Nov. 6 2nd Annual Research Symposium
Nov. 30 Family Fun: Cooking and Baking Gluten-Free Breakfasts- Favorite GF Recipe Demonstration

University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center
The Celiac Disease Center offers clinical care, conducts research and offers extensive resources. Sign up for emails from the home page to be notified of upcoming events.
Follow on social media (including Facebook and Twitter/X) to learn more about the following events and register.
Nov. 7 Family Network Group: Managing the Holidays
Nov. 11 InTransit program for teens: How to adjust and prepare for college gluten free
Nov. 15 Monthly cooking class: Stuffing/dressing/filling
Nov. 18 Gluten Challenges in Celiac Disease